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International Union of Psychological Sciences Assembly (IUPsyS) of year 2018

International Union of Psychological Sciences Assembly (IUPsyS) of year 2018

International Union of Psychological Sciences Assembly (IUPsyS) of year 2018

IUPsyS Assembly 2018 was held on 30 June 2018 as a part of the International Congress of Applied Psychology (ICAP2018) held in Montreal, Canada. 90 representatives from different countries attended the Assembly. Besides usual reports on IUPsyS activities related to psychology promotions on various levels including UN and WHO, the issue of psychologist’ consolidated efforts were discussed, and considered professionals in science and practice around the World. Five working groups were formed trying to address this issue from various angles. The results of this exercise will be transformed into action plan to be implemented by IUPsyS within the next two years. In particular, Russian Psychological Society received invitation from recently established Asia Pacific Psychology Alliance to become an affiliated member.

One of the important items in the Assembly agenda was a question on professional psychologists’ qualifications and standards. Representatives from Columbia, Portugal, Norway, and USA presented their advanced experience in this field and provided evidence on service quality improvement. Also the issues of professional self-determination, public image of psychology as a profession and psychologists’ influence on societies were mentioned in relation with professional qualifications and standards.

During the Assembly three new IUPsyS Board members were elected, among them were colleagues from Brazil, India, and Lebanon. Also the Assembly congratulated Prof. Pam Maras from UK (IUPsyS President-elect) on becoming IUPsyS President.

Prof. Sathasivian Cooper (IUPsyS President 2012-2018) became IUPsyS Past President and after less than a week since the Assembly he was elected to inaugural Board of International Science Council (ISC was created in 2018 from a merger of the International Council for Science and the International Social Science Council) this means that he will continue to promote psychologists’ interests on a higher level.

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