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Russia will host 16th European Congress of Psychology!

The first meeting of psychological societies’ representatives from BRICS countries. News RPS

The first meeting of psychological societies’ representatives from BRICS countries

International Congress of Applied Psychology (ICAP2018), which was held in Montreal, Canada on 25-30 June 2018, welcomed psychologists from many countries. More than 4000 people attended the Congress. An idea to unite BRICS countries’ psychologists was developed at the beginning of the Congress. Representatives from the five countries organized a meeting to discuss effective collaboration among respective psychological societies.

In particular the following questions had been addressed:

  1. Creation of BRICS forum for psychology
  2. Strengthening psychological research in BRICS countries.
  3. A need to identify five priority scientific and applied psychology areas that will be the first collaboration targets for the psychological societies.
  4. Establishment of effective and intensive connections and communications among BRICS psychologists, which will lead to better practical and scientific exchange.
  5. Facilitation of invited symposium dedicated to BRICS forum of psychology to be held during the XVI European Congress of Psychology (ECP2019), 2-5 July 2019 in Moscow, Russia.

The meeting has been attended by (in the order of appearance in the picture):

  • Ricardo Goraeb – President, Brazilian Society for Psychology
  • Alexander Veraksa – Vice-president, Russian psychological Society
  • Anna Leybina – Director, ECP2019 Executive Committee
  • Lisiane Bizarro – Vice-president, Brazilian Society for Psychology
  • Janak Pandey – National Academy of Psychology (India)
  • Sandeef Kumar - National Academy of Psychology (India)
  • Tholene Sodi – President, Psychological Society of South Africa
  • Sergey Leonov – Director, Russian Psychological Society
  • Bruxin Han – a representative from the Chinese Psychological Society, Secretary-General, International Association of Applied Psychology
Author: Directorate RPS

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