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Special issue ‘‘Sport Psychology’

Special issue ‘‘Sport Psychology’


This special issue, "Sport Psychology" delves into the depths of the human mind in sports and exercise, revealing how mental strength can be crucial for achieving top-notch athletic results. This call extends beyond works exploring the psychological aspects of successful athlete performances to those emphasizing the role of sports psychologists in shaping and optimizing athletes' mental framework.

Through the lens of sport psychology, we support research to discover how athletes manage pressure, overcome obstacles, and maintain focus in critical moments. Investigate the visualization techniques, stress control, and coping strategies that athletes employ to achieve peak performance. Furthermore, exploring how team dynamics, leadership, and communication impact athletic success should be investigated, highlighting the interconnectedness of the mind and body.

It is essential to delve into current research shedding light on the psychological aspects of sports training, motivation, and goal achievement. Submitted articles might enhance the understanding of modern technologies in analyzing and improving athletes' mental performances and examine how psychological training has become a pivotal component of sports strategy.

Deadline for submission: June 15, 2024

Instructions for Authors: http://psychologyinrussia.com/for-authors/

About Guest Editors

Dr. António Manuel Fonseca (Portugal) is Professor and Director of the Faculty of Sport at the University of Porto. His main areas of research interests are sport psychology, physical education, and exercise psychology. Dr. António has coordinated numerous international research projects and participated as a speaker in training sessions for coaches, managers and referees of various sports.

Dr. Patrik Drid (Serbia) is Professor of Combat Sports and Martial Arts, Dean of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education of University of Novi Sad. His research activity is focused on the topic of physiological responses to maximal and sub maximal exercise in combat sports, and post-exercise recovery in athletes, as well. Dr. Patrik Drid has published numerous works in the field of sports science in general, but also his expertise lies in the field of sports psychology, biomechanics, anthropometrics, sports injuries, physiology, and physical activity assessment.

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